February 12th, 2009

Aww man!

So who wants to open some lines of credit in Japan?

Shortpacked!: Extra credit.

The nugget of truth upon which today's comic is based.

My Aunt Jan passed away last night before we had left Ohio. But we left for Indiana anyway, and we've been helping out around here. Mostly, we've been digging through piles of old photos, since Maggie and are in charge of putting together some collages for Aunt Jan's service. In the process, I found some photos of me at age, say, 5, dressed up as Batman for Halloween.

I bought my scanner with me, so, uh, you may see those up here at some point very soon. They are awesome and adorable.

I loved my Aunt Jan very much. I'm glad she passed away peacefully and painlessly, surrounded by her brother and husband.

Dagnabbit all.

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Shortpacked!: New fragrance from Axe Body Spray.

Apparently, this week is Young Cartoonist Theatre. Have an image of me at Six Flags, flanked by Pepe Le Pew and the most frightening Taz costume I've ever seen. I have dubbed him Lamprey Taz, for his terrible suction fangs are the stuff of nightmares.

Judging by my t-shirt, this photo must have been taken before my mother decided that "only Jesus has The Power."