February 9th, 2009


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Shortpacked!: Kinda like a dog and peanut butter.

Sorry about the lack of a blog post tonight. My computer decided to die! Well, the parts that make it run. All the data is fine. So I went out, got a new one, and have thrown all the data into the new one, but I'm still hitting a snag that keeps me from getting absolutely everything up to speed, such as a working scanner and other registered programs.

It's that damn Internet! On the old computer, when I'd log into the local network, it'd say there's a problem with authentificating a certificate or some bullshit, and it said I wasn't connected, but I could still use the Internet. Basically, while using the Internet, the little icon in the tray would constantly tell me it was trying to connect to the local network. Weird!

Of course, apparently with New Computers, that little security hole has been filled, and no dice. So no Internet and no updating drivers, downloading Firefox, etc.

So right now I'm using the ol' trusty laptop.

I'll probably have to wait for Steve-o to not be busy tomorrow so he can take a look at it.

At any rate, enjoy the comic. I have a small buffer, so it updated as usual. It will also update as usual tomorrow night! Past that, I better hope I can get my new computer running.

Edit: Okay, figured it out. It was actually remarkably simple. I feel dumb.