February 8th, 2009



Shortpacked!@TNI: Ernie Hudson never gets a break.
Shortpacked!: Whoopeeee!

Yeah, that's right. Mattel's doing Ghostbusters as some sort of commemorative line. IIRC, they'll be sold online through their store, and not through normal retail. There better be a Rick Moranis!

Preorder Roomies! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Beer today! Roomies!: Book One is a whole 136 pages printed on glorious glossy paperstock. The entire first-year-and-a-half of Roomies! is printed in this volume, including lost stories from the ill-fated Roomies! comic book printed by Keenspot. Some of these I've published on Joyce and Walky!'s website over the years, but a few have never been seen online, ever! See Danny and Joe (and Joyce!) wade through their Freshman Orientation! See Joyce try to win Danny's heart by dressing up and acting like his ex-girlfriend Sal! See Joyce and Sal's explosive first-ever meeting!

On the right is a new preview image, featuring a page from the Freshman Orientation story, originally published exclusively in the first Roomies! comic book.

And never printed before in a book collection is the entire archive of Roomies! Redux!, a heaping portion of brand-new Roomies! strips created in 2004. And if that's not enough, Roomies! Redux is followed by an even newer two-page Roomies! microstory created just for this volume! And on top of that, there are a few rejected Roomies! strips that didn't make the cut, plus commentary on select strips and storylines!

You can order the plain ol' $14.95 version, but why, when there's the $24.95 "Roomies! Extra!" version? "Roomies! Extra!," limited to 200, is numbered, signed, and doodled in. You'll be able to open up your book with pride and see it vandalized by the rascal cartoonist himself. Amaze your friends!

This past Wednesday I picked up the Rorschach figure from DC Direct's Watchmen assortment, based on this spring's major motion picture. This first wave was released last week, actually, but The Laughing Ogre was out of him then. I don't have any attachment to the movie's costumes yet, so I decided I'd try out Rorschach, since he's the least visually changed.

He's a lot less mobile than the other DC Direct figures I've owned. This is because of Rorschach's coat, it seems. He has no real hips. Instead, his legs kinda stick out of this blocky mass underneath there. They do rotate in circles, but eh. The legs are stuck in a taking-a-step pose, and that's what you'll get and you'll like it. His head is also permanently cocked to one side. He does have shoulders, elbows, and wrists, though! Like Robin, I had irreverent fun with that articulation for a while. He has the articulation, but it's not like it's very useful, at least in a "WATCHMEN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS" sort of way. The sculpt really favors the arms-down-at-the-side positioning. He looks strange otherwise.

He also comes with an extra hand, a blaster grappling gun that the hand can hold, and the stand you see in the photograph. There's a little clip that will attach his stand to the stands of other figures in the line. We'll see.

Did you know Maggie worked on the Watchmen Motion Comic? She did! If you have iTunes, you should really check it out. It's some amazing-looking stuff. They put a lot of money and time and skill into it.