February 5th, 2009


hooooooooooooooo dinobot

Shortpacked!: Ages 3+

Preorders for Roomies! Book One continue! I will bludgeon you with this fact until you have no choice but to track me down and dismember me in order to preserve your own sanity.

The day before yesterday I mentioned that I broke my original Dinobot. This was especially frustrating because I'd just bought the Fox Kids redeco of Dinobot from a friend for the purpose of completing my set! There have been so many redecoes of this mold as Dinobot, nevermind redecoes and retools of this mold as other people, and I was only missing two of them. ...two that are Dinobot, anyway. I'm not going to allow myself right now to entertaint he notion of getting all the retools. ...maybe later. But I'd been thinking for a while that I might like to get all of the Dinobots. But no sooner than a day or so after buying one of the two I was missing when BAM! Dead original Dinobot.

But anyway, my Fox Kids Dinobot (guy pictured in front) arrived in the mail yesterday, and my original Dinobot's terrible breakage issue doesn't prevent him from standing up in robot mode -- heck, you can't even tell from the front! So I put together a group shot.

It's still a little incomplete, since (as I said) I'm still missing a dude, and BWX Dinobot is missing half of a mutant head, and my original one is kinda BROKEN, but at least a replacement is coming. Hooray, eBay!

Too bad the one I'm missing is about $60-$100. I may hold off on that.