February 4th, 2009


And he sounds like Peter Lorre!

Shortpacked!: And now you're even older.

Preorders for Roomies! Book One continue! We're edging up slowly but surely! Keep those orders coming, and thanks to those who've taken the plunge thus far.

But hey, have some Cosmos! Hasbro seems to have been trying to do a new one of him for a while. They considered him for the first batch of Classics, but it was hard to get marketing to agree that selling a $10 dude that transforms into a doorbell was a great idea, especially when they could do a dinosaur or something. But when they trotted that idea out to the fandom, and the fandom was all "HECK YEAH!", they tried to put that design into the collector-targeted Titanium Series line. But the line tanked first because it kinda sucked. So no Cosmos, it seemed.

But, woo! Legends-class Cosmos! Apparently a $5 doorbell is okay. Well, fine, he's more of a sun dial now, what with the little tailwing at the back. But still. Hooray! Cosmos!

Don't think I've ever been that big on Cosmos. I mean, I'd be okay if they had made that bigger one, but he's not on my List. Mostly he's cool because he (used to) have these cannons for fingers because they formed the altmode's thrusters. He would kill and kill and kill with them, unleashing torrents of glowing, oozy death. But the new toy doesn't have those anymore. His altmode is a perfect, unthrustered circle, and his robot mode has real fists. Bummer!

On the other hand, he has feet. And when you transform him, pushing his pelvis up into the underside of his torso automatically pushes his head up, so you don't gotta use your fingernails like on the old toy. And his name is written on his hull in Cybertronian letters! That's sort of geeky. With "COS" on one arm and "MOS" on the other, even, permanently displayed in robot mode. Almost reminds me of Mr. Terrific.

Though he's permanently in some sort of Popeye pose, due to the curvature of his arms. I keep thinking he's gonna go all "Ah gi gi gi gi gi gi" on me, and say "Well, blow me down!" It sort of looks like he might have elbows, since there's an almost-hinged break just below his balljointed shoulders, but that is not the case. I haven't unscrewed the arms to see if you could sand some stuff down to make that happen or not. Who knows.

Check out my completed "upgraded" Mini Vehicles display, on the left. Now where's my Gears?