February 3rd, 2009


This is what I get for playing with my toys.

Shortpacked!: If he becomes President, we're all doomed!

So just a few minutes ago my original Dinobot broke. The hinge where the tail-attachment disc piece connects to the torso snapped like chalk while I was transforming it. First Fuzor Silverbolt, then Transmetals Megatron, and now this. .... I think the warranty on all my old Beast Wars figures is up.

You... you never imagine you might outlive your children.

The preorder period for Roomies! Book 1 continues! The thermometer chart on the right represents how many orders we've gotten so far. When that sea of blood reaches the top, we'll have enough preorders to pay for the print run!

We got about 99% of those orders the first day, but the second day the preorders trickled down to about nothing. That, of course, is emblematic of the usual bell curve of preorder...ness. (Preorderosity?) There's a rush at the beginning, and then a slow crawl to the end. But this is a statistical trend that we can fight! Tell your family, your friends, even your enemies to preorder Roomies! Book 1! The sooner we reach that 200 preorder mark, the sooner the books can be in our hands. Peace out!

The image to the left is a portion of the completely new two-page microstory that I drew just for this new Roomies! volume. I gotta tell you, I love my new brush pen. I've upgraded to a larger, Copic marker that I want to make love to. I'm learning to use it better and better each day, too, so soon I will have pretty, pretty art that I can stand to look at. I mean, uh, my art is fine. And it was fine eleven years ago! (Preorder Roomies! Book 1.)

(I promise, this time the graph won't turn out to be a male part.)