February 2nd, 2009

Aww man!

A moment of silence, please.

Shortpacked!: T-shirts are your friends.

Woo! Preorders for Roomies! Book One have been moving swiftly! I've got roughtly 40% of the orders I'll need to pay for the print run. Keep it coming, folks! It's all up to you.

Today I lost a friend.

I was originally gonna do a review for Universe Legends-class Cosmos, but an incident occurred while taking some photos for the Transformers Wiki. I sort of expected this to happen, actually. Transmetals Megatron, the victim, is well-known in the fandom for being afflicted with a variant of Gold Plastic Syndrome. That's where there's a certain kind of metallic-looking gold plastic, usually found in toys from the nineties, discernible by its visible carmel swirls. This plastic is brittle, and it will crumble. And sometimes it's not even gold! Sometimes it's other colors! For example, sometimes it's brown, like with Transmetals Megatron, but that's not really exactly the same phenomenon.

I've had my TM Megs packed away for years, for I was afraid to touch him and have him break. He was safe inside the box for my Metals Megatron, which is Japan's version. Japan's version has black plastic instead of dark brown, and so it is immune to the crumbly-crumbly. I picked it up originally because it was more show-accurate than Hasbro's, but the not-shattering-at-my-mild-touch was a later-realized bonus. That's not something I pay a premium for often, but Transmetals Megatron was my favoritest toy for years. And it belongs to Beast Wars Megatron, who is probably my most favorite character, even including Hot Shot. (Hot Shot is a kitsch character. Nightbeat didn't do much, and was unevenly written. Megatron is genuinely awesome and continued to be so for years.)

And so while I had a replacement ready when my original Megs broke, and I even vastly prefer the Metals version that remains pristine, I still feel a little heartbroken. I rode my bike about an hour or so out of town to the nearest Walmart to find him back when I was a lowly journalism major at Indiana University. Yes, when I was drawing Roomies!, to bring this home.

Anyway, I wanted to take this time to mourn one the passing of one of my favorite play-things. At the very least, I got a photo for the Transformers Wiki out of it?