February 1st, 2009


I brought back Roomies! (book 1)

Shortpacked!@TNI: Hold me closer, tiny Destro.
Shortpacked!: It's hard out there for a nerd.
Anders Loves Maria: A totally Not Safe For Work guest strip from me.

Today is the day! No, not the Superbowl. Not the Revenge of the Fallen or GIJOE movie teaser trailers. No, today Roomies! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Beer goes up for preorder!

Back in 1997, I was a baby newborn cartoonist with stars in his eyes and a story to tell. Starring that morally-uptight do-gooder Danny, his jerky horndog roommate and best friend Joe, and Danny's irrepressible-yet-repressed stalker Joyce, Roomies! is the simple tale of the first years of college. Everyone remembers their freshman year, with the classes, the socializing, the alien abductions... Roomies! is all this and more!

If you're familiar with my first two Shortpacked! volumes, Roomies! or: HILtSWaLtB (phew) is identical in paper quality, structure, and pagecount, with 136 pages printed on glorious glossy paperstock. Now, none of the strips in this volume were originally published in color, so one difference is this book's contents are entirely in black and white (and grayscale where applicable).

The entire first-and-a-half year of Roomies! are printed in this volume, including lost stories from the ill-fated Roomies! comic book printed by Keenspot. Some of these I've published on Joyce and Walky!'s website over the years, but a few have never been seen online, ever! See Danny and Joe wade through their Freshman Orientation visit! See Joyce try to win Danny's heart by dressing up and acting like his ex-girlfriend Sal! See Joyce and Sal's explosive first-ever meeting!

And never printed before in a book collection is the entire archive of Roomies! Redux!, a heaping portion of brand-new Roomies! strips created in 2004. And if that's not enough, Roomies! Redux is followed by an even newer two-page Roomies! microstory created just for this volume! And on top of that, there are a few rejected Roomies! strips that didn't make the cut, plus commentary on select strips and storylines!

That's a lot of stuff.

And you have a choice! You can order the plain ol' $14.95 version, but why, when there's the $24.95 "Roomies! Extra!" version? "Roomies! Extra!," limited to 200, is numbered, signed, and doodled in. That means years from now, when I'm dead, you could sell it on eBay for lots of money. Put your grandchildren through college!*

*Disclaimer: In the case that Soggies may rule, and all centers of learning are eradicated, grandchildren may not be put through college.