January 29th, 2009


Kapow! Bam!

Shortpacked!: I maintain there is a joke in the last panel.

Hey! Remember that music-ified Lost opening that I linked a few days ago? Well, somebody put it to video! That guy's name is JOE. Sadly, there were no clips available where people spun and looked at the camera and smiled, but he did what he could with what he had.

I'm surprised by how much I like Warpath's new toy. His transformation is fairly involved for a small Legends-class toy. ("For a Legends-class toy" is very important part of that claim.) He transforms into the Transformers' favorite new completely-made-up time-saving altmode, the "h-tank," so named after its shape from seen above, which is always feels like something close to cheating. Every limb of the "H"-shape, as you can guess, each becomes a limb. Simple! Though really, he's technically more of an A-tank, since he amazingly fills in the back with some panels. Again, that gives him points.

What amazes me most is how much articulation this dude has. Legends aren't really known for having both working arms and legs, but he does. His shoulders and hips are on balljoints, and he has hinges at the elbows and knees, though the knees don't have much room to move. You can get him in a natural walking pose, though, which is extravagant for a toy his size and complexity. The head and waist do not move, but that is unsurprising.

His barrel also pushes into his chest in robot mode, which is new. Before, if he turned around too quickly, he'd probably knock someone over with that giant barrel sticking out of his chest. And forget hugs! But it still sticks out just enough for him to still feel like Warpath. That visual cue is his trademark.

He's a lot redder than the original Warpath. The old one looks practically purple when standing next to him. Despite this, his color layout still feels mostly the same, with the red limbs, head, and torso surrounding silver innards. There's a little more black this time, since his treads are painted, and that yellow painted square on his stomach makes him look a heckuva lot less boring.

Warpath's a damn nice Legends-class toy. If you got a Meijer near you, go grab him up. Aw hell, who am I kidding. They'll only have two Rodimuses left. (Mini Vehicles are in, baby!)