January 26th, 2009



Shortpacked!: Holy Bat-spoilers!

So, like, holy crap. So yesterday I sort of half-jokingly asked for music to go with yesterday's "Lost" lyrics, but two people have stepped up and delivered! The first is by a guy named Johari (click for MP3), who offers a version on guitar. Check out his MySpace page.

The second entry is from a Dave Sedgwick (click for MP3), who composed and sang his version despite his tragic battle with acute bronchitis! Now that's a trooper.

You know, I was about three seconds away from doing this entire blog entry in rhyme. Sadly, I have no rhymes for "Sedgwick." Instead, imagine this blog entry is written in the style of the Japanese Headmasters punk kid version.

See, this is Wheelie. You know, that annoying rhyming kid Transformer from the Animated Transformers Movie? Rode around on Grimlock's head? Everyone hates him! That's probably because he is genuinely annoying in the cartoon. He's pretty cool elsewhere, though. Did you know that he was originally a grim ship-crash survivor who was supposed to wear a necklace of Sharkticon teeth? He was totally Lord of the Flies. His old Marvel Universe-style profile and a storybook or two use this version, so Wheelie isn't always bad.

In light of little the fandom seems to like the little dude, it's pretty surprising that they made a new toy of him. Though if you look at the picture of the original Wheelie, it's obvious that he was pretty deserving of one! I mean, you reveal his face by lifting a lid in the center of his body. That's not exactly spectacular engineering. So this new Universe Wheelie, in the $5 Legends-class range, makes up for past deficiencies by giving him a real head. And a torso. And some better proportions.

And don't miss the slingshot sculpted into his shoulder. That's a pretty fun detail. Too bad he can never grab it! He of course has limited articulation at his size. The slingshot will just have to hover frustratingly out of reach for all eternity.

His vehicle mode is different, too. Wheelie was originally a futuristic-styled car, but in 1986 when he was made, that future was 2006. Well fuck, that was three years ago. So a modern-looking hatchback is kind of futuristic, at least from the vantage-point of twenty years ago. As you can see, they carried over the same color scheme, gray wheels and all.

This all makes me a happy boy.

Wheelie comes out in a wave with Cosmos, Warpath, and Rodimus. It occurred to me as I bought them (try Meijer if there's one in your neck of the woods) that these were the last Legends-class toys announced by Hasbro, and that was a good number of months ago. There'll be more for Revenge of the Fallen, I'm sure, but those have a street date of May 29 or so. In fact, we're running out of announced toys left and right. There's only one wave left of any size Universe (Ratchet and Hot Shot) yet to come, and that's several months away. What I'm saying is, the pre-Movie drought is about to hit. Hrgh. What am I gonna do with myself?