January 25th, 2009


Why can't I quit you?

Shortpacked!@TNI: There's only one loincloth store in town.
Shortpacked!: Does someone want to write the music?

I've been pretty stoked for Inferno. I've never particularly cared for his character, but his new toy's got an aesthetic that appeals to me greatly. It's mostly his torso that's this huge block of a fire engine front. Other than folding down the front bumper, the front of the vehicle is undisturbed. You can look into his chest and see two seats and a steering wheel. He's like a real physical fire truck stood upright. That's some awesome stuff right there. It's sort of how I envision the original Optimus Prime kind of looks, if he had better detailing.

The little bright red guy on the right is the original Inferno. He transforms similarly, in that his chest becomes the front of the fire truck, his arms fold behind that, and his legs become the base and back wheels. Because he's a Diaclone from the mid-eighties, a lot of parts come off during transformation and are set aside. You pop off his fist and his arm cannon, and his little head wings (which attach at the shoulder, actually...), and lay them somewhere else on the floor, next to his gun.

Then you lay him down and transform him into a truck cab with robot arms and legs flying behind it. Oh, and there's a ladder with a robot head attached! Hrm.

Yeah, the new Universe version is definitely an improvement. No parts detach at all, and his head wings are molded into the back of his noggin. And most importantly, he transforms into a much more convincing fire truck. Though he transforms in much the same way as the original, he has little panels that fold and hang neatly on his arms. The bulk of it assembles nicely off the backs of his shoulders.

And what a fire truck it is! It is probably the best-looking Transformers fire truck we've gotten. It's a different kind of fire truck than the original Inferno; the original represented a much bigger ladder truck, but the new one represents a smaller water-cannon truck. This is somewhat appropriate, as Universe Inferno is the 25th Anniversary line's very, very few nods to Generation 2. Inferno was rereleased in that ill-fated Transformers "comeback" toyline with a new water squirter. The new toy has the G1 Autobot symbol, not G2, sadly, but that's sort of a reference as well, as the actual G2 version also had the G1 symbol! Whoops. G2 was sloppy.

The one small thing I remember Inferno for is that he always has a best friend, and they're inseparable. Now, who that best friend is depends on which continuity we're talking about, cartoon or original comics. In the cartoon, it was Red Alert. But there's no new Red Alert toy yet, so I've brought you Smokescreen, his Marvel Comics buddy, instead.

Did you know Inferno died in G2? They were fighting some nasty Decepticon-wannabes, and Inferno's best friend Smokescreen totally dies. Explodes right in front of his eyes. And so Inferno pours and pours water on Smokescreen's burning corpse, but it's just no good. Well. We all know there's only one thing you can do then.

Take out as many bad guys as possible, and throw yourself under a collapsing building so you don't have to live life any longer without your best friend!

It's like Titanic meets Brokeback Mountain.