January 23rd, 2009



Joyce and Walky!: Burnsauce!

Today's Joyce and Walky! offers good advice.

Found Inferno tonight! No review yet, but I had both him and Wreck-Gar on my desk, and it struck me how crazy different they are. They're both Transformers Voyager-class ($20) trucks, released at the same time, yet look at them! Now if only I had a new Movieverse truck to throw in there...

It's kind of great how diverse the Transformers line is these days.

Wreck-Gar, you may notice (or not!) has a few paint touch-ups. Not a super amount, but he needed some black lining. I painted in his fingers and thumb, added black borders around his headlights and under his cap, and added black and gray to the front of the vents on either side of his head. His feet are supposed to be red, but I'm waffling on that. I'm relatively okay with the "inaccuracy," and I'm afraid I'll just make them look bad. So we'll see.