January 21st, 2009


Aw, dammit, left the camera on again. Time to charge it for the second time today...

Shortpacked!: Way too tidy?

I was never super-excited for Blurr's toy. Hell, I was never super-excited for Blurr. In fact, I keep forgetting the character exists. This apathy is linked to my similar apathy for the original Blurr. Okay, yeah, sure, the Micro Machines guy is awesome, but Blurr was never a compelling character. He talks fast! Dandy.

And so when he and Swindle came out in the same wave, Blurr was a huge afterthought. I only found Swindle, at first, and I was fine with that. Well, I was a little miffed, if only it meant I had to keep searching, technically, but I had found what I really wanted. I only half-heartedly looked in stores for Blurr thereafter.

It also didn't help that Blurr's toy looked awkward to me. The legs, especially. They kinda look like they're painted on, as an idle afterthought, onto the skinniest of plastic sticks. Something about his arms bugged me too, but I'm having trouble articulating it.

His car mode, admittedly, is pretty solid. It's a cohesive, slick-looking vehicle. The manner of getting the robot mode to transform into it is novel, as well. He's extremely layered. You basically fold himself across himself a number of times, so that within this very short car mode, from floor to roof, is about three stratum. The legs sit below the arms which sit below the torso. And everything sort of wants to peg into everything else, but at the same time, so you end up kinda moving all parts together simultaneously, after having pegged together layers one and three, but two still needs to be pegged into both, but now you have to disassemble everything and start over. It doesn't quite work as well as I wish it did. He's not a chore to transform, or anything, but it can be a little aggravating.

His flip-out saw weapon can store on his back. I like that.

I also like, in theory, his design's inspiration. He's somewhat an Animated-style recreation of what would have been Transtech Cheetor, an artifact from an abandoned Transformers toyline. In fact, a really awesome custom-painted Cheetor from this toy has made me pine for it to be done officially. I would probably like the toy in that case! I like Cheetor way more than Blurr. Which is amazing to me, now that I think about it.