January 19th, 2009


Inaugural blow-out!

Shortpacked!: Smoosh?

Hey, remember Barack Obama? You know, that guy? I'm sure you've heard of him! You must have! His face is everywhere! Have you seen a Time or Newsweek in the past twenty-four months? He's that black dude on the cover every week. Every week! Well, tomorrow, he's President. Of the United States, even!

I got a proposition for you. Instead of going all "ha ha ha ha hooray" in my comic, like a good obnoxious liberal, how about a deal? For the duration of Tuesday, from midnight to midnight, the (inaugural!) first year of subscription-only Joyce & Walky! is a mere $10. That's August 2005 through July 2006! Usually it's $24, at $2 per month! But tomorrow, and only tomorrow, I'll send you the first year for just ten bucks. Now that's change we can believe in! (You know, the kind that is fleeting. See, despite all this "hope" talk I am clinging to my cynicism like a motherfucker.) So if you've never started on Joyce and Walky!, now's a good time!

Meanwhile, check out my crappy picture! It is just some Autobot Cars arranged on the shelf of my desk. And because everything after the Animated Movie is like totally G2 or something, Hot Rod is not included.

I was about to say, "Hey, after we get Ratchet, we're probably done with the 1984/1985 Autobot Cars this go-round," but then I remembered we're getting at least a Henkei Red Alert, if not also a Hasbro one. (They haven't announced a domestic Red Alert, but I'd be surprised if we didn't eventually get one.) And Inferno's still out there to be had!

So now I'm wondering why I bothered with the photo. It's not anywhere near complete. Hrmph.

That's right, my OCD encompasses photography as well.

Today's Transformers Wiki link: TransTech Obama Optimus Prime