January 17th, 2009


He thinks his name is... Silverbolt!

The day I got my new Dinobot, I got out a bunch of older toys to photograph some group shots... and in the course of transforming my Silverbolt, his heel snapped off, completely broken. Shit! I muttered. Next, I said it much louder.

I loved my Silverbolt toy dearly. It was probably the first Transformers toy I ever hand-painted. You see, the toy as-can-be-bought is almost entirely the same plastic color. He looks deceptively paintless, but it's actually a side-effect of being only one plastic color, with the only color cues coming from paint applications. (And the neon red orb in his tummy.) When Mainframe built his CGI model for the Beast Wars television show, they varied up the silver immensely by altering the texture and shine on his body. My solution in 1997 was to take a silver Sharpie marker to his robot parts. You can imagine that got a little sloppy, and I've had to reapply it as it's worn off throughout the years.

I also applied a gold paint marker to his feet, lacking the initiative to hunt down a brush and some proper copper paint. This, I think, is what broke the heel. There was too much paint shoved into there, so when I forced the heel it snapped. D'oh!

After mourning my loss, I immediately ordered another Silverbolt on eBay. I got a loose one, minus the feather missiles, for about $7. Not bad. (Carded went for $20-40!)

After taking pictures of him plain for the Transformers Wiki, I brought him downstairs to paint. After loading up "Crossing the Rubicon" (Season 3 was downstairs, the other DVD sets weren't), I realized I had to go about painting him absolutely backwards from the way I had before. The color he comes in... that's fine for the robot parts. It's the wolfy fur parts that needed darkening! So I grabbed my medium gray paint and went to town on the fur. This actually worked to my advantage, since there's much fewer joints on the wolf parts versus the robot parts.

I did paint some robot parts silver... some of his robot parts are textured much chromier than others. So silver paint went on the thorns around his neon tummy circle and the lining about his collar. Don't even think of trying to paint his feather missiles. I tried! Those things are probably left unpainted for a reason. They just won't take the paint. (Though a black Sharpie would probably work. It did on my Universe Silverbolt.)

And finally, I painted his nose black. An unpainted Silverbolt nose is unforgiveable!

Ahhhh. All is right with the world again. In fact, it's improved! Thanks, broken college years Silverbolt!