January 15th, 2009


Sad jaguar in the snow.

Shortpacked!: Amber's snarky today.

Ohio is covered in snow! Travel-prohibitive snow. It is a beautiful wonderland outside, yet this beautiful wonderland traps us mercilessly in our drafty homes. I believe this is what you Earth folk know as "irony," because nobody uses the word "irony" correctly, anymore.

So I took my GlitShattered Glass Ravage out for a photo. He was very happy for me to do so, since if he had opposable thumbs he would keep a very prolific photo blog. (The relative ability to grab things with their paws is another difference between mirrorverse Ravage and the Original Flavor.)

Idiot that I am, I left my keys inside, and SG Ravage and I were locked outside in the snow in our jammies for a few minutes.

So instead, very indoors things occurred. I touched up my Swindle with paint, since he was only missing a few details. His neck had to become dark gray, and the collar of his "bolo tie" had to become black! I considered those the most important additions, but there are lots of details elsewhere. The glowing panels on the surface of his palms, for example, plus the matching glowing parts on his over-the-shoulder weapons -- lots of little things. Anyway, he makes me more happy now.

Work on the Roomies! books continues apace. (Yes, books plural! I have the second one mostly laid out, as well.) I need to get back in contact with my publisher, as I was supposed to receive a price estimate per book.

You know what's great exercise? Shoveling snow!