January 14th, 2009


I got your legs!

Shortpacked!: The last panel amuses me too much.

So this is Smokescreen. (The primary-colored guy in front.) I have to say, I never cared much for the character, nor his deco. But he's the third of the guys who share his mold, and it's hard to get the first two and but resist the last guy. Completing the "set" is what collectors do!

Plus, hey, he ships with Dinobot, and so buying him as well helps justify the shipping costs from Big Bad Toy Store.

Due to how the Prowl/Silverstreak toy's plastic colors break down, it doesn't seem possible to get his arms to be the same colors as the original Smokescreen's without a lot of paint. Instead of being blue and black, he has red and blue. Meh! It's actually kind of interesting, and I like the differently-colored arms. Besides, again, who cares about Smokescreen?

Though his car deco does kind of disappoint. I would hope, in the year 2009, that Smokescreen would have updated his racing deco just a little. Instead, he has the same "38" in plain font inside plain white boxes that he had in 1985. Well! That's, uh, quaint. And even those don't look quite right. The "38"s really, really need to fill up more of the white box they're in. It's just bad visual design. Again again, it's just Smokescreen, so I can live with it.

To be honest, I was more interested in him for a more disingenuous reason. I wanted his gray thighs. I wanted his gray thighs for Prowl. I may have mentioned in my review for Prowl that I really wished he had the gray on him the original toy did, and that he looked really plain without it. Well, huzzah! Smokescreen has those parts in gray. And Smokescreen's parts were originally white anyway! Win-win!

Well, in theory.

In practice, it's not so easy. In a perfect world, I could have swapped all of Smokescreen's gray parts for Prowl's corresponding parts. The thighs do easily pop off, so that's that. The launchers also pop off, but not at the exact point I'd prefer they do. So Prowl has some blue on his launchers, but that's not very visible, and I can easily paint the blue into flat black later anyway.

It's those damn shoulders! There's the Bad kind of rivet holding them in place. The kind that you can't hammer through (as if I can manage that anyway) because it ends inside the shoulder. Now, I've been told I can try to remove the rivet by heating up the head of it and then trying to yank it out then. I am not so sure I want to do that.

I, uh, may just leave the shoulders mismatched. No big deal in Prowl's case. They look a little out of place on Smokescreen though, now that they're the only gray left.

Maybe I'll paint them flat black, too.