January 6th, 2009


Porkchop Sandwiches!

Shortpacked!: Neener neener.

Hey, it's Porkchop Sandwiches guy! He probably has a name, but I'm not going to dignify him with it. He's Porkchop Sandwiches guy. I bought him because he's Porkchop Sandwiches guy, and for no other reason.

He comes with a two-part mask/helmet that completely obscures his face and head, but screw that. I want to see Porkchop Sandwiches guy's head. Plus he has a gun that connects to his backpack with a tube, I guess? Look what awesome colors he is. He'd be McDonald's LEGO Man, if he weren't Porkchop Sandwiches guy.

I actually have the original toy of Porkchop Sandwiches guy, which I bought for like $2 a few years ago because he's Porkchop Sandwiches guy, but I dunno where that went to. I've got so many random bins.

Anyway, I'm in such a good mood because Scrubs returned tonight for its eighth (and final) season! ABC's blowing through the last 18 episodes in nine weeks, with two episodes every Tuesday night, so until that's over, I'll be extremely happy. The second episode tonight was actually really really good! Scrubs hasn't made me want to tear up in a while. Maybe it'll get an Emmy nod! That'd be nice.

Also, Transformers Animated Season 2 came out on DVD today, which is spectacular! Audio commentary, dudes! I am set. And then tonight me and my friends exchanged gifts, and I got a bunch of plastic display risers and something illegal! Sweet!

What a great day.