December 31st, 2007


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I lucked myself upon the first wave of G.I. Joe comic book 2-packs at the local Target, same day I found my Screen Battles Barricade. I scooped up the one I wanted, the Scarlett/Hawk set that comes with G.I. Joe #1, and scampered away like it was Christmas. (It was close!)

Graham's a big Ashley Wood fan, so he got to keep the copy of Joe #1. It's a very pretty reimagining of the first cover in an impressionistic style you don't see much of in comic book paintings.

The figures, though, were mine! Turns out I had uses for both of them. Though I already have a better Scarlett, I'm using parts of her to kitbash myself a Dr. Biggles-Jones. Hawk, though, is new. He's a recreation of the first Hawk, who's pretty boring, since he shares the same non-descript body with half the line. Already in the 25th Anniversary offerings, he's sharing a body with both Snake-Eyes and Stalker. This is how things were done 25 years ago, so points for keeping things old school, I suppose.

Hawk comes with a knife, a handgun, a rifle, a visored helmet, and the angriest face you've ever seen. The handgun and knife can stow, he holds the rifle okay, and the helmet looks all right on him, though I like seeing his face so I hang the helmet off the handle of his knife. But, man, that angry face. He's pretty pissed.

He probably just found out he gets wheelchair-bound in twenty years.