December 28th, 2007

I'm Batman

The Green Lantern and The Hawkman.

Ultra Car: De-libido'd, Joe is really just a primitive Tim Jones.

Yesterday Graham and I stumbled upon the first Justice League wave of The Batman action figures, which was a surprise. No idea those were out. The only reason Graham even looked at them on the pegs is because he was surprised to see some older figures again.

So here are Green Lantern and Hawkman on the dashboard of Maggie's car at SONIC - America's Drive-In! I feel my new camera was up to the challenge.

Their bodies seem to be recycled (The) Batman bodies, which is something any Mattel Justice League collector can empathize with and expect. They're both rather striking, even if Hawkman has a head two sizes too small.

The past three days, Transformers-wise, have been overwhelming. First, Animated debuts, then the Nightbeat thing was announced from the Fan Club, and then today, also from the Club, we've gotten our first look at the upcoming Classics 2/Universe toys. It's Onslaught! And he's an awesome S.W.A.T. attack vehicle!

I want to say, "Dude, he was one of the guys I had when I was a kid, he was so radical!" but, really, I only ever scooped him up back when I was 8 or so was because he was the least objectionable thing available on that trip to long-forgotten retail store, 3-D. (It was kind of like a K-mart.) If I have any love for Onslaught, it is due to mere familiarity wrought by boringly-conspired fate. Still, it's neat to see him reimagined. I was not expecting him to pop up.

Tomorrow, Hasbro is going to announce we will all get free ponies.