December 27th, 2007


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Ultra Car: Those art teachers also mentioned straight-edges.
Shortpacked!: The end of the reign of Brassy!

Let's give it up for my gracious guest strip folks, Create a Comic Project and Studio Brassy!

My old clunky camera broke on Christmas Eve, refusing to open up and work anymore. Hooray! So today, when I found new toys I needed to photograph, it became Buy A New Camera Day as well. I found a bright shiny orange Fuji camera at Wal-mart, and so far I'm smitten with it.

My find, as the photograph attests, is some LEGO Indiana Jones! Sweet blazes! This is the first LEGO set I've bought ... since probably when I was a kid, so, um. Yeah. I think what worked for me here is that the "Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase" set is so self-contained. You get minifig Harrison Ford and minifig Sean Connery, and they ride a motorcycle together, which is not only conservative in shelfspace volume, but sufficiently reminds me of a scene from the movie. And, c'mon, minifigs Ford and Connery.

There's also a Nazi on a motorcycle, some boxes, and a little Nazi toll booth. But those are discardable.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was my favorite movie as a child, and even now it still rivals my current favorites for the position. I'd say this is a worthy $10 keepsake.

But fuck all that.
Back in 2004, when 3H still had the Transformers convention license, I petitioned Glen Hallit daily to make us a new Nightbeat out of Energon Hot Shot. Today, I finally get my wish. And with a new head! I still have not recovered from my initial shock. It may not be until tomorrow until I wake up and jump up and down and squeal and never ever ever stop.