December 23rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: A Special Holiday Shortpacked!

A few days back Shortpacked! shortly featured Ted Forth, some guy from some comic that Francesco Marciuliano writes. It turns out he's the funniest man alive! Francesco, that is. Not Ted Forth.

Ted Forth thinks he's funny, but in actuality he's just a fictional character, nothing more than a cartoonist's mouthpiece for the hilariously unemployed.
Polyphonic Spree!

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Ultra Car: Hello, disappointing addition of context.
Shortpacked!: The Year Brassy Saved Christmas

As mentioned before, this week's strips are brought to you by the gracious Katrina Sharp, the mastermind behind Studio Brassy and its sexy, scary components. As a talented, longtime reader of the Walkyverse, it's time she was given some spotlight! Well, okay, more spotlight.

I gotta say, Amber looks a lot hotter without that undershirt under there.

In other IW!/SP! fandom news, a couple who met through shared love of things Alien and Perverse are totally gettin' hitched! He was an evil bastard... She was, well, also kinda rather evil... You know, the classic boy-meets-girl. A while ago, Gerald commissioned from me a declaration of his eternal love for Danihana, and she said yes! Sweet damn! The sweetest of damns!

What a wonderful Christmas! Everybody mambo!