December 18th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: In response to overwhelming demand, apparently...
Ultra Car: A Vlasic er, classic Ultra Car strip

Thanks to Dave Kellett, I totally got the new Sheldon book book in the mail this week. Lordy, if you want a solid, consistently hilarious read, I can't recommend a Sheldon book enough. Maggie's always wondering why there's periodic gigglefits heard from the potty.

In case the esteemed Kellett himself reads this... uh, no, I'm not reading it on the john! Honestly! I have a special upholstered leather chair next to our fireplace where I wear my smoking jacket, inhale deeply my pipe's rich aroma, and respond to every punchline with "good show!"

And then I fart.

Tomorrow morning I am off to the magical land of California, where after a short spell of tarrying about San Francisco, Maggie and I are headed down to San Diego to spend Christmastime with her folks. In the meantime, my fellow readers can (and WILL!) enjoy a smattering of material not created by me.

On Thursday and Friday the strip will be written by Krystal, age 8. No joke! The Create A Comic Project teaches literacy to children, blanking out dialogue in comics like mine, allowing them to make up their own words. It's really one of the most awesome things ever. Who knew 8 year old girls could write my strip better than me?

Next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, another of the girl persuasion takes over. Katrina Sharp, of StudioBrassy (and a very good friend of mine), will be taking the helm for a short 5-part Christmas story. It'll warm your heart. Mostly the cockles area thereof.

Ha. Cockles.