December 17th, 2007


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Parasite is the shortest guy here. That's so wrong.

God smiled upon me yesterday, because I stumbled across Gorilla Grodd. A reader had alerted me to his existence in stores a few days ago, and I wouldn't have even bothered with Target otherwise. (All the new Joes are showing up at Wal-mart so far.) Grodd came in one of those Target-exclusive six-packs that give you five dudes you already have and a new sculpt. He sort of came with one other new guy, the Red Hood, but the Red Hood's really just the Joker. So, eh. I already have a new Joker.

But the six-pack was worth it, because the sculpt on this Grodd kicks ass. He's got his characteristically-smug almost-smile and a shifty half-lidded glare. Unlike a lot of JLU figures, he's got a lot of personality, the spark of life, even.

What he doesn't have is useable poseability, though that doesn't surprise me. He does have articulation at the shoulders, elbows, neck, and hips, but the movement at the elbows and hips is very shallow. The legs can't even bend forward, they can only bend back, due to that gut of his. Weird, but acceptable, considering he's just gonna stand on my shelf and look shifty.

All the line needs to complete the Secret Society are the chicks, Killer Frost and Giganta. I don't rate our chances of getting them before the line peters out, but miracles can happen. Maybe Mattel likes Jessica Hale! (Of course, Giganta would be required to be the standard female body, meaning she wouldn't be all that gigantic. She could go hang out with Big Barda.)

Thing I noticed, putting this photo together ... my Clayface is super gross. His plastic is now oily, sticky, and really unpleasant to the touch. It reminds me of some of the plastic problems with those old Transformers Pretender Monster shells. Those were also rubbery and suffered from similar symptoms.


Speaking of Transformers, check out Jin Saotome's Classics Warpath custom! It is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.