December 16th, 2007


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Ultra Car: Hundreds of pickle pie gags, but not one "relish" pun. What a waste.
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Destro's back! Destro's back! Destro's back, and he's on the attack!

Because Jin Saotome is my best friend, he mailed me 25th Iron Grenadier Destro and a Crimson Guard. Just in time for Christmas, and wrapped appropriately! (It said "open now" on it, so put your cudgels away.)

This Destro is a remake of 1988's Iron Grenadier Destro, which was not only the version of Destro available during the period of time I was actually paying some attention to G.I. Joe, but it's also what he still looked like during the Generation 2 crossover with Transformers a few years later.

Even unusually-directed nostalgia aside, this is a great figure. First of all, he's got a fuckin' sword. Second of all, that sword goes in a fuckin' awesome scabbard that hangs across his backside. Third, he's got a little handgun that folds into a holster on his leg that includes a little plastic flap to close back over it. And, dudes, let us not forget he has that shoulder cape. That's seriously styling, and something of a step up from his previous Seventies-reject look. He's regal, he's rockin' it military-style, and he's got that fabulous new gold noggin.

It's the scabbard in particular that makes this figure for me. It's a huge point of visual interest that not many, if any, other Joe figures share. And, seriously, it's a redo of a 1988 figure, six long years into the RAH franchise. That tickles me in ways you can't imagine. Now all I need are a Ninja Force Scarlett and Dr. Biggles-Jones, and I'll feel my G2-era Joes are complete. Those, of course, will never happen, so I'm planning on attempting my own...

As today's SP! strip implies, we saw The Golden Compass this afternoon. Man, Catholicism sure blows, huh? The animal in the last panel was originally an adorable little piglet, but it was suggested that a chicken would be funnier. I also had a cute lamb in mind. Man, nobody in that movie had any daemon Eatable Animals, did they? Not a single cow, pig, or chicken. Disappointment.