December 14th, 2007


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Ultra Car: Yeah, you heard me.

While sorting through our storage space, Maggie found a pile of my oldest comic strip material. Folks, we're talking 1991, seventh grade. These were turbulent times for the young David Willis. After discarding the potential future careers throughout my childhood, in this order, of basketball player, paleontologist, and science fiction writer, I settled on cartoonist. Yes, father. I shall become a cartoonist.

And become one I did. Stapling together bits of cardboard and printer paper, I made empty books, destined to be filled with the madcap adventures of Ultra Car and his hapless human pals. And now, on the Joyce and Walky! site, you will be able to enjoy a sampling of them over the next few weeks, with commentary. I originally drew them in pencil, so I've spent a good long time cleaning up 15 years of smudges. Also, the jokes suck, the dialogue is trite, and the characters aren't defined at all.

Seriously, it'll be kickass.

Blame Maggie