December 13th, 2007

I'm Batman

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Shortpacked!: I used my normal handwriting for Dr. Doom. I think that says something about me.

I've amassed four DC Direct Batmen over the past year-and-a-half, so here they all are. Lined up! Like, for a photo.

Left to right, we've got Ed McGuiness's Batman, George Perez's Batman (a gift from the acclaimed Aunt Jan), Andy Kubert's Batman, and now Darwyn Cooke's Batman. Witness their disparate styles! Some are beefy, some are trim, some are streamlined, and somehow one of them has a normally-proportioned head. I kinda like my growing collection of Batman sculpted in various artist styles. I don't have space to display them all at once, but I like having at least one around from time to time. Perhaps I will display them in rotation.

There is at least one Batman I really want to add, and that's First Appearance Bat-Man. Fear his ridiculous purple gloves! Perhaps I will hunt him down someday. But not today. There is some Christmas shopping yet to do!

(Today's strip's girl cursive was brought to you by Maggie.)