December 12th, 2007

I'm Batman

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I was so happy to see DC Direct's "The New Frontier" Batman at the The Laughing Ogre tonight. I've been wanting him for a while! There was no hemming and hawing as there was over the Andy Kubert version of Batman. This one I had to have.

Why? Darwyn Cooke, y'know.

It's awesome to see the simple, yet powerful lines of Darwyn Cooke represented in 3D. There's no bulging muscles, no overcompensation, just a simple yet elegant design. Both this and my Ed McGuinness figure are Batman taken to cartoony directions, but it's fun to see how different they are. My favorite part is the more loose-fitting outfit Cooke's Batman has, reminding us that tights usually don't vacuum-seal to the human body.

Though, man, it's weird to see a Batman without a giant-ass jaw on 'im.

Unlike the other DC Direct Batmen I have, New Frontier Batman doesn't have articulation at the gloves, though in exchange his ball-jointed neck does have a wide range of movement. It allows him to look up into the sky, all hero-like.