December 11th, 2007


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Shortpacked! The fabulous conclusion!

A storytelling weakness of mine is that I always try to stretch or squash storylines into ending on a Friday, no matter what. It sucks! It's my OCD! Everything needs to be all tidy and happen in 5-day chunks. So today I've bit the bullet and ended the storyline on its natural rhythm, so I figgered, on a Wednesday. I know! Crazy!

See you on Friday. has put up images of the Ace and Wild Weasel comic book two-pack. Hooray! Ace disappoints me a little (yet completely unreasonably) because he doesn't look at all like the moonfaced creep who played him in the Marvel Comics series.

Every time Ace would show up in a panel, he'd look inhuman and sneering. Always hovering over his teammates like some vast, predatory bird, looking shiftily out the corners of his eyes. I'm pretty sure his head lacked ears of any sort. But no, 25th Anniversary technology has failed us, giving fans a non-frightening Ace with all his chromosomes.


Also, there's a Wild Weasel. Hooray, I guess. Ghostrider was also on the cover of the issue that comes with this set, but we got ripped! This was his big chance!