December 10th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: aarrrgh

Transformers Animated has put up a three-minute clip of the upcoming Transformers Animated premiere movie. (Airing December 26th.) This show is going to be so totally awesome, from the multi-hued Ark shuttle to Evil Backstabby Spongebob. Though, damn, I was already long tired of Cree Summers's voice, so it's going to be rough hearing it all the time coming out of Blackarachnia. From the sound of things, she's Teletraan I, too. Hrgh. But the animation, the art style, the directing, the everything -- it's so nice. So very nice. Everyone even has facial expressions, instead of having two-frame mouthflaps mapped on! It's madness, I tell you!

It... might just be better than Beast Wars. Heresy, I know.

G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary has put up images of the third wave of 25th Anniversary comic book two-packs! Unlike the two-packs in the first two waves, these come with all-new stories written by Larry Hama to fit in between the issues of the original Marvel series.

The first one comes with half-naked Snake-Eyes and more-unnaked-than-usual Storm Shadow. Eh. The other two, though, pique my interest. Woo, it's those two corporate executive twins who wear matching gay outfits. Giant snake head on the crotches, huh? I guess when you're that rich, you get to dress however you want.

And, hey! Crimson Guard and... "scarred" Cobra Officer? Why, I think that's our friend Scarface. He's the lucky guy who got to be buried in the same plot Cobra dumps all their ex-mad scientist. It's kind of like being awarded an honorary doctorate. The Crimson Guard's looking a little sandy-haired to be the red-haired Fred VII. But then, CGs are surgically altered to look identical, so I guess that's what Fred VII pretty much has to look like. Hrm.