December 6th, 2007


MAGGIEPOST: Fry me to the moon!

Shortpacked!: Portable Godwin.

Full disclosure: I'm in love with Fry. (Don't let David know, ok?)

We came across the first new wave of Futurama toys almost a month ago in The Laughing Ogre, our neighborhood awesome-shop. The first wave "only" has Fry and Zoidberg, and I was mildly interested, but ultimately passed. Then I started watching the reruns on Cartoon Network. Our roommate Steve has the box sets of Volumes 1 and 2, and I made it through both of them before hunting down Volume 3. When I finished watching that, I ravaged the internet until I was able to locate a copy of Volume 4 in a Best Buy that I picked up ten minutes ago. I like Futurama like David likes Scrubs.

Alas, the first wave had LONG SOLD OUT at The Laughing Ogre by the time I realized the folly of passing up the treasured figurines (no mere "toys," please), and wasn't even available on back-order. Ah, Amazon, I love thee. Let me count the ways - 1) Zoidberg ... 2) Fry. They arrived in the mail yesterday, and this time I actually understood what of Fry's accessories were referring to: the Slurm can, the tin of Angry Norwegian Anchovies, the space gun, and the seductive holophonor ~ ah Fry, you can play me like you played that thing any day.

The saddest thing is that Fry can't actually hold any of these. He's an older design, and they randomly tossed the accessories in to tease us, but still they're fun. Fry himself isn't bad - his overbite is a little too pronounced, his nose a tad big - but his hair is spot on and faaaaabulous. He's got lots of great articulation - neck, shoulders, rotating upper arms, elbows, wrists, hips, thighs, and knees - a lot of articulation ... but you can't really get him into any other useful poses. Hats off to Toynami for incorporating articulation into Groening's quirky designs at all, but I'm just not sure what to do with it. When Fry sits his hips rotate out into an awkward Indian-style, and he can't kneel with his holophonor like the time he seduced Leela (not that he could hold the holophonor anyway). Nevertheless, I lovvers that I have him- I'm just not sure the articulation was necessary, and I would have been just as happy if he'd only had articulated shoulders, like Zoidberg.

Speaking of Zoidberg, he only has articulated shoulders and neck, and I love him. He's awesome and well ... perfect. I was interested in Zoidberg as a sculpt even before I had a chance to remind myself that Futurama is made of concentrated awesome. It's really spot on, and Zoidberg's design is a interesting challenge. Toynami rose to it. And flooded it. Like a Toynami tsumani. Or something. I think my metaphor drowns about here.

I guess that's as good a note to end on as any, because I have the fourth season of Futurama to watch, and I just can't wait any longer to learn the fate of Fry's body parts in "Spanish Fry." Ta ta, everybody!