December 5th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: "Hold still."

I saw this guy at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, and I knew I had to have him. I'd passed by the earlier, ToyBiz Marvel Legends Doom several times, sorely tempted, but, well, I'd had too many Toybiz toys. (Three.) I knew the risks. And, despite Doom being awesome, the Toybiz Doom was kinda ugly.

The Hasbro one hits all the desired aesthetics and proportions just right. Also, hey, it probably won't crumble in my hands. The best thing about him is his left hand, which is sculpted in the perfect pose (the "I am your father") for a supervillain. And Doom is the supervillain of supervillains. He also has a tiny handgun, as villainous despots tend to, which holsters neatly inside a sealable pouch on his hip.

Some downsides... because of way his cape drapes over his shoulders and head, his neck joint is mostly useless. Though that joint is there, there's no point for him to be staring into the inside of his own hood, which is immobile. I also wish he had a better grip on his gun. It likes to fall out of his hand, especially in more relaxed poses. He's also got little forward-and-back leg movement at the hips, partly because of his "skirt," and they might not even be jointed to work more than a wiggle, either. It's hard for me to tell for sure. Which is just as well, since they ain't movin' with that skirt in the way. They do splay to the sides pretty well, which is all Doom really needs to do, I suppose. Dr. Doom is no Shang-Chi.

His helmet also removes, revealing the most smug hideously-scarred man you've ever seen. I don't intend to ever display him that way, but it's amusing to know that's under there.