December 4th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: They probably haven't even met Mike yet.

Finally, with the addition of Wave 2's Ironhide, I have a complete set of Robot Heroes Movie Autobots. Like with Ironhide's toys, his figurine is black, so it's pretty much a lost cause trying to photograph him so you can tell what's going on. The pose is iconic enough for Ironhide -- he's got both arms outstretched with fists clenched, wielding all his weaponry. There's rotating joints at the neck and shoulder, otherwise he's immobile, which isn't a surprise for one of these figures.

I wish the head were a better match to the final design used in the movie. Both the Voyager class toy and the Robot Heroes figurine have the sides of his head be flat, detail-less surfaces, which is really not the case.

Regardless, he completes the set, so he makes me happy. My Movie Autobots are no longer missing one of their number. Hell, they've even got a bonus 'Bot, Cliffjumper, who I was hoping to put in the groupshot. Sadly, I couldn't fit him with them on the risers. Oh well.

Today I found Marvel Legends Dr. Doom at the Georgesville Wal-mart. I am so happy. Hooray for the girlfriend needing to return things!

BREAKING NEWS: You heard it here third or fourth!
Ray Park is probably Snake-Eyes in the live-action G.I. Joe movie. A good choice, I suppose. I still haven't forgotten seeing him try to "act" in Ecks vs Sever. On the plus side, he's mute and wears a mask. This is actually perfect, so long as he doesn't have to emote.