December 3rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Look, it's a story week! Surprise!

At the beginning of each month of subscriber-only Joyce and Walky!, I've decided I should advertise feature a blurb from the previous one. I'm really lax at remembering to update the "Last Month On J&W!" box on its own frontpage, so hopefully this will help me remember. But without further ado...

Last month in Joyce and Walky!

Walky initiates a reunion between Billie and his high-school crush Dorothy. But Billie, as always, is suspicious...

There's also a Billie wallpaper that I'm tempted to make into a t-shirt.

Meanwhile, I've got to get back to talking up these Robot Heroes I've amassed. To the right are two Movie Primes. I've had the one on the right for a while, but the one on the left is the new one from Wave 2. Unlike the Wave 1 version, Wave 2 Prime has his faceplate tucked away, showing us his mouth (a first for Movie toys), and features his battle-sword (again, a first).

Just like Bumblebee's Wave 1 and 2 versions, Wave 2 Prime is entirely a different set of tooling than the Wave 1 version. The newer one looks just a little bit more movie-accurate, I think, but it's in the same exact pose. Weird. One step back is the Wave 2 Prime's lack of a waist swivel. That's kinda disappointing, but his waist joint was somewhat of an anomaly among Robot Heroes figures anyway.