November 29th, 2007

I'm Batman

It's Mii-ller time!

That crazy new Mii voting-and-sharing channel is open on the Wii, so I thought I'd share a few Miis based on Shortpacked! and It's Walky! characters with you. And a Batman.

Here's the identification numbers so you can find and download them onto your Wii:
Ethan: 5185-6303-7949
Robin: 0329-6303-7854
Amber: 4945-2917-5242
Mike: 6413-7962-4557
Galasso: 2830-1253-8663
Faz: 5606-0753-8183
Ronnie: 7856-7624-5321
Ninja Rick: 9418-3699-5000

Joyce: 8239-7161-9120
Walky: 4301-0527-2667
Head Alien: 2803-0848-5185

Batman: 5199-9594-5417

"I hate waiting." --Inigo Montoya

Shortpacked!: This totally could have fit into a TNI strip.

Oh well.

Anyway, here's the pertinent info that makes me a sad panda:
*Cartoon Network and Hasbro Roll Out New TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED Series This December
*Animated Toyline Moved To Late-June Release Date

NEED ANIMATED TOYS NOW DAMMIT. They're like if Transformers and Justice League had a baby. A beautiful baby that I will play with and then later set up on a shelf and dust periodically.

I finally received an envelope from with the sheet of Predacon symbol stickers. Woo! My pre-Beast Wars Terrorsaur is done.

Here's a shot of him next to his fellow outlaws. Of course, I still need to make a Tarantulas...

And maybe a Protoform X. Who knows. I suppose there are still some Cybertron Menasors in stores...

More It's Walky! Miis
I got requests for more Miis, so I've completed some more and uploaded them. Here they are!
Joe: 0881-3337-9808
Billie: 5346-6528-8492
Sal: 6346-0635-5541

And I made a terrible Optimus Prime. Heads should come in blue, dammit.
Optimus Prime: 5346-5292-1105