November 27th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: "I think he's on to me."

I knew I needed to pick up something at Mid-Ohio-Con to bring home with me, and when I saw the Disney Store version of our favorite Saviour Kitty on some booth's floor for $7, I knew I had found that something.

I had heard rumors of the Disney Store's awesome "super-poseable" Aslan from my buddy Swift. I'm also pretty sure I had heard from Swift that it wasn't all that super-poseable or awesome, but I ignored that and and bought it anyway. I'd purchased the normal retail version of Aslan quite a while ago, just before the movie's release, and enjoyed its simple action feature, but I yearned for more. Also, bigger, apparently. And, um, again, not as poseable as advertised. (It's not actually advertised.) Our Feline Messiah has buttloads of joints all over him, but they don't have much of a range, and most of them are pretty useless. Even his impressive mid-torso hinge doesn't accomplish much. And, c'mon, his individual toes are poseable. Why?

Still, he's painted up pretty, and so I think he at least looks better, standing, than the previous model. And he's just the right size to fight my new Star Wars Transformers AT-AT, which I picked up yesterday. Now there's an awesome crossover idea yet to be exploited.

When not battling underscaled robotic quadrupeds, I think he'll hang out on my God Shelf, along with other toys of gods I own.