November 26th, 2007


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Newsarama has a short interview with me and several other artists at Mid-Ohio-Con. Included is Local Popular Eisner Award-Winning DC-Exclusive Comic Book Writer Sean McKeever, who used to write Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and is currently writing Teen Titans and Birds of Prey. He might as well also write Sean McKeever Loves David Willis because he's going to be featuring a Batman: The Animated Series-influenced Clock King in Teen Titans. (BTAS Clock King is AWESOME.)

On the other hand, Sean McKeever returned my copy of the 1986 Transformers movie, that bastard.

See, a year ago, I gave him my copy of The Transformers: The Movie. He said he'd never seen it, I didn't want to own it -- it was a perfect solution! The problem is, TFTM is terrible, and poor Sean couldn't finish watching it. He's threatened to give it back over the past several months, but kept forgetting. I laughed at him for forgetting to bring it to Mid-Ohio-Con on Friday. I laughed again at him for forgetting to bring it again on Saturday. But on Sunday, there it was.

So, of course, while he was away from his table, I hid it at his booth.

I found it some time later sitting in our booth's pile of stuff, miraculously. Somehow he snuck it behind Steve-o and I without us noticing. Christ, he's a ninja.

The DVD changed hands a few more times before finally I gave up. I took the blasted thing home with me, but not before getting it autographed. (Why?) But it's okay. He sent that Newsarama lady over to me, after all. All is forgiven.

That, and I'll just have The Laughing Ogre put it in his pullbox this Wednesday.