November 25th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Damn Richards!
Shortpacked!: In case you missed it.

Man. Mid-Ohio-Con was exhausting to do after right after Thanksgiving. I am about ready to die. I feel bad saying that, since I know some of you had to work Black Friday, while Saturday and Sunday all I did was get up at 8am and sit at a table for 10 hours, yackin' with my buddies.

I've attended Mid-Ohio-Con once, and this was my first year exhibiting there. Hell, it's also my first year exhibiting alone. There was no Brad Guigar telling everyone who walked by that it's easier to do evil if you do it legal or Howard Tayler hiding behind his massive fort of high-end markers. It was just me! And, uh, alternately Graham or Steve, but they were there to keep me company, not incite consumer frenzy.

Mid-Ohio-Con itself is held in a room about the size of a basketball court. I say this because there were bleachers and electronic basketball scoreboards in the opposing corners of the dealer room. The con was fairly busy on Saturday, a little less so on Sunday, and absolutely dead during Friday's two-hour preview night. There couldn't have been more than 20 people there. I spoke only to other exhibitors. If I do M-O-C again, I'm definitely skipping Friday. I could have taken my time getting home from Indiana that morning, and not gotten up at the break of dawn.

I had a bin of unwanted Transformers and G.I. Joes to sell, which was a major draw to about any kid who passed me by. I love hearing children's opinions on action figures, and having them come to you and volunteer it is a lot less creepy than eavesdropping on them in Wal-mart. One kid asked if my Universe (Battle-in-a-Box) Treadshot was Hot Shot. A few were (surprisingly) excited to see the Beast Wars stuff on my table. These kids are 8. How the hell do they know what Beast Wars is? One asked if I had a Cheetor.

If I recall, Graham's favorite moment was when a kid asked if Beast Wars Mutants Soundwave was Universe Soundwave's Mini-Con. Another kid tried to buy both of my Beachheads and a Valor Vs Venom Firefly; clearly he has a thing for guys with socks on their heads. After some light prodding from his dad and I, he traded in the less-cool Beachhead (VvV) for my JvC (no o-ring) Cobra Commander. During the lulls, Graham and I set up various displays, including the "Party Dominator" diorama on the right.

A few people came to actually see me and not my pile of awesome toys. About an equal amount of people bought my book because they liked it at first sight or were into indie comics. A lady from Newsarama interviewed me after Sean McKeever sent her my way, I got invited into a local cartoonists group called Sunday Comics, and I found out that the couple behind You'll Have That are among the nicest folks ever.

There is too much information to convey, and too many stories to tell. I'll have to remember to report more stuff tomorrow.