November 20th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: I warned you yesterday.

Here I am in Westville, Indiana. The downtown is about as long as I can throw a football. And I'm a nerd. Anyway, my laptop's wireless stuff kinda blows, and so I'm having trouble catching up on all my awesome toy news.

Which is why I'm glad I got an email from one of my readers saying that word is the Baroness has been cast. You know, for that G.I. Joe movie. Here's hoping this young lady can speak in a fine Pottsylvanian accent while she's peeking out from behind glasses and dyed hair.

Destro's a lucky guy.

But seriously, today's strip has a penis. (Sort of.) The second, out of ten years of strips. But never a naked boobie! Something's wrong with me.