November 18th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: We're Number One!
Shortpacked!: Seriously, like, all the time.

Context for the lost:
Strip #1: "Barbie rules girls' wish-lists but boys go high-tech" on Reuters
Stripe #2: "They'll Do It Every Time" from King Features

Read and understand.

On the left is Robot Heroes Starscream and Blackout playing catch with Bumblebee. I imagine this happens fairly often in the properly-scaled world. A car is about punting size compared to aircraft.

This weekend is Mid-Ohio-Con, at which I will be having a table! Before that is Thanksgiving, which requires some travel. That means it's time to draw myself a buffer. I hate drawing myself a buffer! It means I can't be doing other things, like... not doing my job.