November 15th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: He was right all along!

Fellow Blank Label Comics cartoonist Greg Dean is celebrating eight years of Real Life! Hot damn! He's also trying to finance a move to Texas, so you should buy something.

One by one, I will use my powers of the subliminal to, state-by-state, move all of Blank Label Comics to my hometown. I've already moved the Deans halfway across the country. Clearly, then, this is only a matter of time. Next stop, Ohio!

Robot Heroes Armored Bumblebee
Woo! It's a second Robot Heroes Movie Bumblebee! You know, when I first saw the gray prototype of this at BotCon 07, and noted that he's a completely new mold -- not just the older Bumblebee with new arms and a head, I figgered, hey. New one's just a little boxier. I had guessed the new one was the 1974 version of Bumblebee, while the first one was the sleek 2009 version.

But now that I have these both in hand... they BOTH seem to be the 2009 version of Movie Bumblebee. What the hell, man? That just boggles the mind. There's two bodies for Bumblebee in the movie, there's two distinct Robot Heroes of him, and they go through the trouble of making two separate Robot Heroes designs, but they're of the same model of Bumblebee. That's wacky! I no understand.

I could be analyzing these details wrong, but neither of them seems to have the 1974 Camaro hood, with its round headlights and the prominent, jagged front bumper, on his chest. If there's some other discernible differences I'm missing, please let me know.

That aside, I'm fairly certain this is the only toy of Movie Bumblebee that gives him his armored mask. It's nice to see some tangible representation of it. I also like the sculpt a lot more. They both have the same articulation, at the neck and shoulders.

He comes packaged with Starscream, who's massive for a Robot Heroes figure. He's massive and he's crouching on one knee, so he's implied to be even taller than his mass suggests. But I'll talk about him later.

Reader mail
A Christopher M. writes:
Hey I don't want to break up your extremely boring and unfunny string of secondary unknown characters of a failed-Seinfeld plot, but in your haste to use every instance of "arrogant" from the thesaurus, you've misspelled "soothe". Might want to flip over to the dictionary and spellcheck your words every now and then.

P.S. Please involve "Ultracar" in your strips more. It's difficult to find a more hackneyed character deus ex forced into a plot in lame, uncreative ways. Keep up the good work.

Well, I think that speaks for itself.

Instead of Shortpacked!, you should really be reading Dresden Codak. I'm not being facetious here, it's quite purty. It's amazing how, despite how many panels there are and how strewn about they're placed, there's still a logical reading order. I'm impressed! Scripting-wise, though, I feel it's way above my reading level. It's, like, smart.

I so want to steal his art style.