November 13th, 2007


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Apparently I really like Movie Ratchet. His toy gets far more attention from me than the others, and I feel like a giddy little girl whenever he shows up on the screen. So today I bought my second Movie-style 3" Titanium, because Ratchet is awesome. I had passed him by before because his head is very conspicuously unpainted, but tonight I realized, hey, I have some paint.

So voila! I feel much better.

The Titanium's five-fingered hands, though, puzzle me. Even the early concept art from which this Titanium was sculpted to resemble (and had the head replaced before production to reflect a more up-to-date design) didn't have those five-fingered graspy-hands. Weird.

Woo, I got my booth number, folks! Thanksgiving weekend, come on down to Mid-Ohio-Con at the Columbus Convention Center here in Ohio and head over to booth 820. That's, uh, in the far back right corner.

I'm already listed amongst the exhibitors on their website! That's pretty sweet. I feel all important.

Late-night update: Fuck YES.