November 12th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Hopefully this noble man will rescue us from ourselves.

This morning I got my first batch of colored Shortpacked!: A Coloring Book pages from a reader! I was so excited. And this reader, aka Matthew N, went the extra mile by adding his own little touches and asides. It was a marvelous gift.

And those spacebabes he drew were pretty hot, though I wonder if their superpower is being able to be naked in space. For a spacebabe, that's a pretty important power. It's tough to be sexy and alive in space. I think the X-Men had (or have) nice form-fitting spacesuits for its female members, if I'm recalling correctly. There was no skin showing, of course, but at least I could locate the boobs, and understand how gigantic they were.

I wonder if "Sexy Astronaut" is a findable Halloween costume. Let's do a quick Google sear--Oh there we go.

I knew it.