November 9th, 2007


I can't paint.

Joyce and Walky!: More Unexaggerated Real-Life Tales!

Oh, right. I forgot. I can't paint. Well, I tried anyway. And isn't that what matters?

A few notes: His gray plastic is likely the unpaintable kind. So I cheated, adding red to his wrists and shoulders. I am a bad man. I was trying to match his fictional representation best I could. Also, that dark paint along the rears of his arm-wings, as well as his head-crest, is supposed to be purple, but it came out almost black. Oh well.

And finally, yeah, I totally can't paint. But hey, got myself a Pre-Earth Terrorsaur. Next stop, crappy pre-Earth Tarantulas!

Next step is to get my hands on some Predacon stickers. And to get some Pre-Earth Predacon group shots.

My buddy Ron says he brought copies of the Shortpacked! coloring book to his junior high kids, and they loved it. One of them thought the "abusive father" page was particularly hilarious, before its subversive content was discovered and removed from him. Oops!

It comes as a surprise to no one that I share a sense of humor with seventh graders.

Now that I think about it, my coloring book does have a crippling lack of poop jokes.