November 8th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: So she says.

Thing I learned today: A hamster will leap from the edge of our bowl chair.

Today's strip went through way too many alterations. The original version had, instead of the last two panels, one long panel showing the profiles of both Galasso and Amber. Then I decided the pacing was funnier if I had an extra panel in there, so I chopped it in half and left only Galasso's side, and gave him the line in the penultimate panel. Then as I was driving I realized that the punchline in the last panel was funnier. And then half an hour ago I decided to use both.

The life of a webcartoonist is like a wild rollercoaster.

To the left is my painted-up Ratchet and Movie Air Raid, who's exclusive to Target. I don't particularly care for Movie Air Raid, but I do care that I can repaint him into pre-Earth mode Terrorsaur. Say goodbye, oddly mosaic-patterned green-and-brown camouflage. You're going to be bright red.

And, hrm, I'm gonna need some Predacon stickers to cover up those molded Autobot symbols. Inconvenient.

Shortpacked!: A Coloring Book
Here's one more final preview page from the Shortpacked! coloring book. That's it, folks! No more free rides! (The previous was said in my best Stephen Colbert impression.) Going forward, if you want to see more of the coloring book, you'll just have to give me a monetary amount of your choosing. A bitter fate, I know! How will you go on? The donation could could even be a mere three cents, even though Paypal would get all three of those cents and I would get nothing.
Donate any amount through the Paypal link above, and you'll be automatically redirected to the URL with the PDF link. Then you can print it out and color it according to your desires! Hell, you could even photoshop it. We don't have to waste trees.