November 6th, 2007


Shortpacked!: A Coloring Book -- free with donation

Shortpacked!: What, no rain?

Shortpacked!: A Coloring Book

Featuring the same pop culture references, irreverence, and flat-out wrongness that Shortpacked! the webcomic dishes out every day! At 22 pages long and a luxurious 300dpi, Shortpacked!: A Coloring Book comes free with a Paypal donation of any amount. Just click the Donate button, send me a donation, and after the transaction is completed you will be automatically bounced to a URL that will give you a PDF to download. Print that sucker out, and color to your sick heart's content.

(If for some reason your browser doesn't take you there, email me with your name and Paypal address and I'll send you the URL manually.)

There's also word games, puzzles, and more, featuring Batman, Funky Cancercancer, and even (gasp) the Shortpacked! cast! All that for a payment of whatever the hell you choose.

So click the Donate button below! You know you want to.