November 4th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: I sadly wrote myself out of being able to do him in toy colors.
Shortpacked!: Damn those Hollyweirdos!

And now for everybody's favorite game, Guess What Limited Print I'm Trying To Sell Now!". In today's installment, our new limited print is "Amazi-Girl Fantasy #31", which is limited to 15 pieces and printed on letter-size cardstock gloss. One can be yours for $25, which includes shipping to anywhere in the world! Just gimme a line and we'll get things rolling, or check the Box O' Whoring on the front page for additional information. Remember, the last one sold out in two days, despite increasing the print number!

So, hey, yeah, about that strike? C'mon, big wigs, give those writers some DVD moolahs so I can get more Stewart, Colbert, and Transformers 2. We must remember the important things in life. Like television, especially the watching new episodes of it by me.

Not affected by the strike? G.I. Joe the live-action movie, which was just greenlighted. Playing Duke? Sam Worthington.

Whoever he is.

It's too bad Jason Statham has denied he has anything to do with the film in the wake of rumors that he was cast as Action Man. He'd be an awesome Destro.