October 31st, 2007

Making ou madly with Maggie

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Shortpacked!: Because Osama Bin Doggy is so done.

Yes, we know. The goggles, etc.

That was the point.

Man, those Best Buy DVD-exclusive masks are a tight fit. It's almost like they were made for, you know, children. Those bastards. Regardless, after some time spent stretching the things, they can eventually be squeezed over your head. Breathing is optional.

I'm trying the new font again in today's strip, but this time in a slightly different way. Now, it's always in faux-bold, to help with legibility, and emphasis is placed by using all caps on some words. Let me know how that works, and then tomorrow we can go back to the old font.

So, hey, DC has started up this Zuda thing, which is basically like Keenspot... if Keenspot owned all the rights and buried strips deeply in some Flash and gave artists a few bucks for it. Seriously, it's going to revolutionize... something. Anyway, the folks over at C|NET gathered my thoughts about it, where I solidified my indie cred.