October 30th, 2007

I'm Batman

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Shortpacked!: Or maybe he's that Clark fellow.

It's Halloween!

Celebrate this festive holiday with tales of various zombies from Transformers lore. Hear of Hot Rod's struggle with zombie Optimus Prime. Bite your fingernails as you witness the dead rise in Kalis! Fight back hordes of zombies, not realizing they are actually your friends trying to rescue you from this planet you're stranded on, 'cuz dude, you are so tripping.

Hours of fun!

I've also decided to try out a new font of my handwriting, today. Gasp! Lowercase letters! How Ultimate of me. Tell me how much you hate it.

The, uh, Sinister...Five?

Meanwhile, have some Spider-Man movie villains. The build-a-figure Sandman really makes the set, supplying our villainous gang with an impressive centerpiece. (Too bad, uh, most of them are dead.) He doesn't have much articulation, but he doesn't really need it, I don't think. He has universal joints at both shoulders, though they have limited movement due to the sculpting, and their size gets in the way as well. Let's just say he's gonna either look menacing or look like he's doing a very pained arms akimbo. His head is also on a balljoint, which allows his head to nod and tilt a bit. Again, the sculpted folds of his torrents of sand which comprise his body get in the way a bit.

Regardless, I'm thrilled to own him. I'd better be, 'cuz buying that whole wave was expensive. Woof!

Man, bring on Spider-Man 4. I need a movie Electro or a movie Lizard or something. Or... movie Kraven! Yeah! He'd be ridiculous. Because, you know, he's Kraven.