October 28th, 2007


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(Did I use that second link-gag already? I feel like I have.)

I told myself when this wave was announced that me buying the whole shebang was dependent on how mannish Mary Jane's sculpt looks. Well, I can't say it looks mannish, per se. I also don't think it looks terrible to the extremes at which people seem to believe. She certainly looks a little better in person versus all the photos I've seen.

However, man -- I would have trimmed that nose down a bit. She's got a bit of a schnozz. Otherwise, I think it's a pretty good likeness.

Actually, my biggest problem with her really is her posture. I feel like she should be able to bend back more at the ribcage joint. She's kinda hunchy, but then, she does have to support that rack. She's got a good amount of movement in her arms and legs, though as you can imagine her hips are a little restricted by the skirt. She comes with a stand, which is bizarre for a Marvel Legends toy in this day and age, and with a plank that she can try to whap Doc Ock with, like in Spider-Man 2.

Though she has lots of articulation, I'm not feeling like there's much she can do with it. With passively-opened palms and that smile, she doesn't lend well to any poses that aren't just, well, standing. Looking around. Being sweet.

Girly-slap Venom to death while grinning like a dope, maybe.

I'm lookin' to do a storyline this week, so updates go to the five-day schedule!